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One of our most loyal clients, Hour Media has created a plethora of videos for the college. From the "Compelling Stories" AC50 series, to the countless events we've filmed, Hour Media has always provided the highest quality videos which Algonquin has used on many occasions to promote the college and their initiatives.

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Video Production

algonquin college alumni of distinction gala

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algonquin college recruitment video

ac50 compelling stories series

In light of the college’s 50th anniversary, Algonquin came to us looking for 50 videos. These videos would include interviews of various alumni from the college, talking about their experiences at the college, to their life now. The college is able to show through these videos that Algonquin is an incredible school for post-secondary education, and that they always put their students first.

algonquin college & CBC – steinway piano

A beautiful story of a lonely Steinway Piano that not only found itself a new home, but an entire program full of future musicians that would look forward to playing it everyday.

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