How to Become a Better Photographer

By: Stephany Da Pont

What does it take to get a stellar photograph these days? We’re all accustomed to working our angles for iPhone pics—but if you want to take your photo-taking skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn your rule of thirds

Maybe you’ve heard this one before, but it can be one of the most important aspects of taking a great picture. This rule of photography will get you thinking like a pro: divide your subject into 9 sections, and then picture four sections. Upper right and left, bottom right and left.

The goal here is to use the points of intersection (red lines) to place your subject/focal point.

Studies show that your photo will be more balanced and the eye will travel to these points more than the center!

Pay attention to the light  

Knowing where your light sources are coming from is key. Use this to your advantage.

Light can make or break you so try some sample shots from different angles until you find the right exposure.

Be aware of backgrounds

Train your eye to focus on the background and ask yourself, “is this relevant to my photo?” Common items to consider are water bottles, garbage bins, and wall signs. Move around and place your subject strategically to avoid these subtle distractions.

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