Design Trends for April 2019


In the month of April, you can expect to see a lot more custom made designs – both static and animated. The use of metallics is another trend that many brands are experimenting with. Here are some of the popular design trends for this month:


  • Custom illustration
  • Gold metallics
  • Motion graphics & animations with purpose


Custom Illustration

02. custom illustrations

According to recent statistics, custom made illustrations can convert 7 times better than any stock photography. The use of unique illustrations and bold colours can be effective in making a brand stand out. It can help bring attention to design elements that may be overlooked while creating a sense of authenticity.


Gold Metallics

03. gold metallics

When you think of gold metallics, you generally think of things like – gold coins, gold medals, etc. Because of this, the colour is often associated with wealth, importance, and prosperity. Its use can be very effective in branding and design. For example, designers can accent a logo or other design elements with gold metallics to create a luxurious, rich touch.


Motion graphics & animations with purpose


Effective use of animations in web design, app design, or advertising has the ability to make users interact more with what you are promoting (versus a standard, static design). As a designer, creating motion graphics is a great skill to have, as these types of animations can be integrated across several different types of media channels.