Design Trends for May 2019


The month of May features simple, yet effective design elements which brands are using to their advantage. Here are some of the popular design trends for this month:


  • White nav text on a coloured background
  • Circles
  • Perfect grids


White nav text on a coloured background

06. white nav coloured bg

This style of design brings focus to the navigation elements in a strategic way. Generally, web users will initially be drawn to the content within the large whitespace (where designers will place the main content). Then, their eyes will shift to the coloured area containing the navigation links. This use of colour allows the user to fixate on certain elements and potentially view more of the website’s design.



09. circles

Although a simple geometric shape, circles can be very effective in designs and can be applied in a wide variety of ways. For example, circles can be used as background elements, to hold text, in icons/branding, etc. Circles work well in design because of the meanings associated with them (ex. represent completion, wholeness).


Perfect grids

05. perfect grids

The use of perfect grids are making a comeback as a design trend, even with broken and masonry grids still being popular. Perfectly symmetrical grids are generally seen as more balanced and harmonious. Although they may not be as flashy, the equal grid elements help organize content that may be harder to connect visually. Perfect grids are especially effective when showcasing a variety of different images (ex. portfolios and product pages).