Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Videography

By: Stephany Da Pont

This guide will help you decide on the right wedding videography package for the big day. You’ll feel better when it’s sorted out.

DO include a video file. You want to be able to share the video on different networks and platforms.

DO include a social media cut. Many videographers will offer a full-on edit of the entire wedding, but we get it. You probably can’t wait to share highlights on your Instagram or Facebook. Asking the videographer ahead of time will help them plan and prepare for the smaller edit.

DO include the ceremony. You’ll want full footage of this, and more, including the guests arriving and leaving!

DON’T include solo guests interviews. Many will get repetitive and they will fail to capture the finer moments of the day.

DON’T include raw files of the footage. Many want to try and reuse and edit their footage but this is a long and difficult process. It’s best to leave it to the professionals.

DO include a second shooter. There is a lot going on, using a second shooter will help with the overall flow and appearance of the final video!

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