Global Digital Consumption in 2019

2019 global digital statistics for hmg blog post

Based on a 2019 report by DataReportal (with research by Hootsuite & We Are Social), online users are seeing growth by an average of over one million new users every single day. Unsurprisingly, many other aspects of the digital world have also seen a large increase in users. This is due to a multitude of different trends and factors, which will be discussed below.


All statistics used are referenced from the 2019 Global Digital Overview report by DataReportal (, which uses the month of January and the previous months in 2018. Here are some interesting statistics and trends for each of the 3 digital categories discussed in the report:


Internet Users in 2019


internet penetration by region 2019 graphic


Last year had already seen enormous growth in the number of new internet users. However, this has since accelerated, with over 366 million new users since DataReportal’s 2018 reports. The new data collected shows that online users are growing at a rate of more than 11 new users per second, equating to an incredible one million new users each day.


A large part of this sudden increase is attributed to the countries with a history of poor internet penetration rates. Internet penetration refers to the total number of internet users as a percentage of the total population. Many have seen notable growth in this particular area both last year and to start off this year. India is a standout, seeing an increase of nearly 100 million users in the span of 12 months. India’s internet penetration has seen a 10% increase and now stands at roughly 41%. This can be compared to a country like the United States, with an internet penetration rate of around 88%. Thanks to the newfound growth of internet penetration of some nations, as well as the continued growth of other nations, the number of internet users around the world now totals at approximately 4.39 billion.


Here are some more interesting statistics and trends for internet users in 2019:

  • 5 countries saw their internet populations double (over the recorded 12 month period)
  • 9 countries experienced an annual growth of 50% or more (over the recorded 12 month period)
  • On average, an internet user spends 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day
  • Top 3 most visited sites in order: 1) Google, 2) Youtube, 3) Facebook
  • Google searches for the word “video” has increased by 30% over the past year


Social Media Users in 2019


social media penetration by region 2019 graphic


Worldwide social media users have seen an increase of 288 million over the recorded 12 month period, with a total of almost 3.5 billion and counting. Despite this incredible growth, there is still a large disparity in social media usage across the globe. North Korea continues to place last in the global social media rankings with penetration of less than 0.1% (which may be unsurprising due to the many bans and restrictions upheld). There are also several African nations that fall low in these figures, making up the lower half of the rankings. This is contrasted with countries in the Middle East, many of which continue to be at the top of the social media penetration rankings. Over a 5 year span (from 2014 to 2019), total global social media users have almost doubled in numbers – currently at 3.49 billion and counting. Of this number, it is people over the age of 30 accounting for the largest portion of these users.


A standout trend in this area was the global social media “audience profile”. The statistics show that across the majority of age groups, men are generally accessing social media more than women. On top of this, countries with lower overall social media penetration are also the countries with the greater male skew. This shows the gender imbalance across social media audiences, which is seemingly more evident in developing countries. With the next phase of internet development in the world, a focus must be put to ensure more equal internet access for women around the world.


Here are some more interesting statistics and trends for social media users in 2019:

  • Western Sahara, Ethiopia, Cuba, China, and Iran are amongst those who have seen a notably large increase in social media users relative to their respective rankings
  • The average user spends approximately 40 minutes a day using social media platforms
  • The average user owns accounts for 9 social media platforms
  • Top 3 social media platforms: 1) Facebook, 2) Youtube, 3) WhatsApp


Mobile Users in 2019


mobile connectivity by region in 2019


Over the last decade, the use of mobile phones has seen a large increase in users. More people are using and relying on mobile devices now more than ever before, with 100 million new users over the recorded 12 month period. The total is now at over 5.1 billion users, bringing the worldwide mobile penetration to 67%. This user total is different from the recorded 8.8 billion mobile connections (it is important to note that the average mobile user has 1.73 mobile connections).


Smartphones now account for two-thirds of global mobile connections, with a recorded 5.5 billion currently in use (up 9% from the previous year). The rest of the users are accessing mobile connections through ‘feature phones’, PCs, tablets. and mobile routers. Total mobile connections have seen continuous, steady growth over the past 5 years. However, with advancing technologies and new 5G networks rolling out, industry experts are expecting to see an acceleration in this growth.


Here are some more interesting statistics and trends for mobile users in 2019:

  • Mobile app downloads increased by 9% over the recorded 12 month period (200 billion total downloads)
  • The world consumes over 20 billion GB of data each month
  • The average smartphone device consumes 7GB of data each month