We work with our clients to brainstorm ideas, create concepts and construct the perfect message. Our team shoots the necessary images to capture the essence of your story, with professional grade video, lighting and sound. Then it all comes together. The video is edited, colour corrected, and graphics and custom music are added to bring your vision to life.


We use a state of the art Quadcopter Drone to capture stunning 4K aerial shots, ensuring our production quality is miles above the competition. Our team is insured and professionally trained, having acquired certificates in UAV Ground School (Conforming to Canadian Aviation Regulations) and Aeronautical Radio Broadcasting from Industry Canada.


People use social media to consume and share content everyday. From a business perspective, it offers something no other media avenue can: the opportunity to actively participate in direct conversation with customers. It is essential to connect with the online community using quality, relevant content. By doing so, you can convert interested observers into potential customers. We will create your social media content, manage your accounts, and train your employees.


First impressions are crucial. An effective web presence provides a way to build trust in your company. You need a modern and responsive design. We have a strong team of designers and developers that help make our clients web vision come to life. And we don’t stop there. Once your new website has launched, Hour Media will manage your site for you and/or train your staff members to run the site internally.

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